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Hoose (House) Circuits #1

Too busy to get out and train?

Can't make it to your venue of choice (track/gym/pitch/court)?

Inspired by the famous Kevin Bridges "Hoose rice" sketch - we bring you Hoose Circuits - Episode 1!

This video shows you some options for fairly advanced exercises that can be done using only a chair.

There are some tough exercises in here so do not attempt anything you aren't comfortable with.

The circuit includes 6 exercises (3 lower body and 3 upper body).

Upper body (Press up variations)

The Pike Press up is a very tough press up variation that focuses more on the shoulders and is not for the faint of heart.To make it easier try just holding the position rather than doing push ups. This can help improve your shoulder stability.

Another option is to do press ups with your hips more parallel to the ground - so it becomes an Incline Press up.

Or turn around put your hands on the chair to make it a Chair press up.

Lower body

Single leg sit to stand: Push up fast and control yourself down slowly.

Make it easier – Use Both legs or use a higher chair.

Make it harder – Hold a weight or use a lower chair.

Long lever bridges: with only a slight bend in your knee push your heel into the chair and lift your hips off the ground. This exercise focuses on your hamstring muscles.

It can be made easier by bending your knee more and turning it into a Short lever bridge. This allows the glute muscles to do most of the work. I would recommend doing a combination of the two to target both muscle groups.

25 good quality repetitions for each of the single leg lower body exercises is seen as a good standard of muscular endurance and can be helpful for identifying weakness. A difference of 5 reps or more between right and left side is seen as a significant imbalance.

Best of luck - keep an eye out for more Hoose Circuits in the future!